Aaliyah Pierre

Former life: Graphic Designer in Marketing

Current life: UX and Product Designer with an interest in how wallets, identity, and self sovereignty contributes to the mass adoption of blockchain technology & society.

  • Fostering Inclusive Web3 Wallet Design
Agost Biro

I'm a software engineer working on the Ethereum Development Runtime at the Nomic Foundation and I'm a member of the Chain Agnostic Standards Alliance Secure Design working group.

  • How to avoid asking for permission?
Antony Denyer

Lead Protocol Engineer on the Transaction Lifecycle Team at MetaMask. Is currently looking at all things mev. Before that, he headed up GoQuorum and is a besu maintainer.

  • Designing standards for mempool innovation using eth_sendRawTransaction

I am an inventor, life hacker, and an ardent web3 builder. Over the past eight months, I have made significant contributions to the blockchain space through various projects. I have extensive experience in cryptography, software architecture, and have been a developer since 1996.

  • hello Mempool; pushBoundaries, invokeRollAMate

I enjoy solving challenging problems and learning new skills, such as mixology, climbing, mountain biking, and others not related to technology.

As a Web2 Dev, I have been working with JavaScript for nearly six years as a full-stack. I have experience using frameworks such as ReactJS and NextJS for frontend development, and for backend development, I typically work with NodeJS and ExpressJS to create RESTful APIs.
As a Web3 Developer, I have been working as a Solidity Developer for four years. I bring together my expertise in web2 development to create holistic solutions.

  • hello Mempool; pushBoundaries, invokeRollAMate
Baki Er

Co-Founder & Head of Product at Clave. 10+ years in product development and management, 5 years in blockchain ecosystem. MSc in Robotics. Founder of DeFi Library. DeFi Advocate & Researcher.

  • Bringing Web2 Habits to Web3 with Battle-tested Security

Boidu is a Developer Relations Engineer @ WalletConnect, and passionate about coordination. He is the creator and maintainer of eip6963.org, a test-dapp for helping browser-extension wallets take advantage of EIP-6963 connections.

  • EIP-6963 - Multi Injected Provider Discovery

Hey guys! I am Booga! Web3 native that travels around the world and explores the reality of web3 adoption as Man of Crypto. At Zerion I lead integration and work on overall wallet accessibility and better experience for our users.

  • The Great Wall..et accessibility in Web3

Bumblefudge is the Janitor of the Chain Agnostic Standards Alliance (https://chainagnostic.org) and helps research, coordinate, edit, and publish standards for Protocol Labs, Wallet Connect, and other clients.

  • Agenda Creation and Refinement
  • Wrap Up and Report-Out
  • How to successfully unconference

Cali is a Software Engineer at WalletConnect, originally from Belgium, specializing in authentication and authorization. He is passionate about DIDs, SIWE and SIWx. Before moving into the web3 tooling space, he specialized in web2 identity standards such as OAuth, SAML and OpenID Connect.

  • CAIP-222 - Improving UX for Wallet authentication
Dan Finlay

Dan Finlay has been facilitating MetaMask development since 2016. During that time he's developed a passion and vision for the future of secure distributed permissionless computing, and is bringing that vision to life through MetaMask.

  • Decoding the Enigma: A Model for Transaction Safety

I'm Dawson, and my journey through the ever-evolving world of technology spans over nine years. In that time, I've dedicated six years to mastering iOS development, proudly managing apps with an impressive 8,000 DAU, all by myself. But I'm not just about app development. My three-year adventure into the realm of crypto as a hacker has equipped me with deep insights into both frontend and backend operations and has given me hands-on experience with the intricate world of smart contracts.

Currently, I'm lending my skills and passion to Blocto, a leading smart contract wallet, where I continue to innovate and challenge the norms. Beyond my hands-on work, I cherish sharing tech news, insights, and breakthroughs with peers and colleagues. I'm always up for a discussion on groundbreaking ideas, focusing on user experiences, and pondering which technologies or services would best amplify those journeys.

As I navigate the dynamic tech landscape, I pride myself on my blend of hands-on expertise and my broad understanding of the wider tech ecosystem, and I'm excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead at Blocto and beyond.

  • 'Shopping Cart', The Gas Saver
DC Posch

Dan Clemens is an experienced entrepreneur and engineer. He's a coauthor of the P256 precompile proposal EIP-7212 and is building an open-source stablecoin wallet.

  • Address and payment request standards
Eva Shon

Ecosystem collaborations team at Protocol Labs, supporting Filecoin.
I am also a UX Designer, User Researcher and former Developer, working in the blockchain space since 2015.

  • Account Abstraction's relationship to MEV & Block-Building
Federico Kunze Küllmer

Founder at Evmos, CEO at Altiplanic. Previously I built the implementation of the Ethermint, the IBC Protocol and Cosmos SDK as a Core Protocol Engineer at Interchain, Tendermint, Ethermint.

  • Revolutionizing Crypto Wallet UX: A Glimpse into the Future
Filipa Ribeiro

A product designer passionate about people, technology, and building meaningful products. Crafting Iron Wallet - a developer-centric crypto wallet to give web3 developers the tools they deserve.

  • Designing Iron Wallet: a developer-centric crypto wallet to give web3 developers the tools they deserve
Franco Riccobaldi

Franco Riccobaldi is a computer security consultant with over a decade of professional experience. He has provided consulting services to leading global technology firms and Fortune Global 500 companies. Currently at Coinspect, his primary focus is on researching crypto wallet security.

  • Enhancing Wallet Safety Against Compromised dApps
Harish Raisinghani

Harish Raisinghani is the Head of Developer Relations at Covalent, where his focus is on empowering an army of developers, analysts and 'data nerds' to build using the richest and most robust data infrastructure for the entire blockchain ecosystem. Harish loves to teach, learn & mentor, and having worked in the emerging tech sector for the past 10 years, he helps guide startups with a holistic approach to customer success. Harish is always looking to connect with developers with big ideas so reach out to him on Discord.

  • Applying Atomic Design Principles to Modular Wallet Development
Harpalsinh Jadeja

Currently working at Celo Foundation as a Developer Relations Engineer. My current focus is on Account Abstraction, I have been reading, learning and building/experimenting using the existing AA options and want to share my knowledge with others!

  • Death by Thousand Accounts

Harry is a engineer & technical product manager at Oasis Protocol, he has a background in distributed systems, blockchain, privacy, cryptography and security. He just wants everything to be a bit simpler and more interoperable.

  • Intents for multi-chain low-code non-custodial DeFi wallets

Senior Software Engineer @ MetaMask Snaps. I also am the chair of the JSON RPC working group at CASA. Previously I worked at AirSwap. I've been in the web3 space for about 5 years.

  • CASA: How we help get to the next billion through specs!
Ira Nezhynska

Ira is a designer and a creative director based in Berlin. Over the past year, she led design at Protocol Labs, helping Web3 founders win hearts and minds of early adopters through the power of aesthetics and emotion-driven design.

More about her focus and contribution at nezhynska.com

  • Speculative design for reverse-engineering your wallet’s reputation
Ivo Georgiev

Ivo is a recognized expert in web3 and crypto, with extensive experience in blockchain development. As the CEO of Ambire Wallet, he leads a team of skilled developers and designers in building innovative products for the blockchain space.

Prior to founding Ambire Wallet, Ivo co-founded a media center with over 25 million users and AdEx, an ad network focused on transparency and user privacy. During this time, he developed a deep understanding of blockchain technology and became an active participant in the crypto community. He has since leveraged his knowledge and expertise to create cutting-edge blockchain solutions that meet the needs of businesses and individuals alike.

Ivo is a sought-after speaker and thought leader on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and has been featured in numerous publications and media outlets. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others and helping to drive the adoption of blockchain technology and crypto around the world.

  • Schnorr signatures and AA: a match made in heaven
Jenny Pollack

Jenny is the co-founder of exonumia, a product strategy firm focused on early stage decentralized networks. Jenny has previously worked at Microsoft, Metamask, Dapphub, and Aave and enjoys coordination tools and the communities that form around them.

  • Working definitions for emerging web3 standards.
Konrad Urban

Henlo! I'm the co-founder of Peanut Protocol. I am interested in intents, identity, and real-life use cases for decentralisation. Let's build this!

  • How can wallets deal with the multichain nightmare?


  • Opening
Matias Sequeira

As a Web3 Security Engineer at Coinspect, I've uncovered and reported multiple vulnerabilities to over 40 wallets in 2023. Previously, I worked as a security researcher and consultant, driven by a passion for meaningful security research.

  • Enhancing Wallet Safety Against Compromised dApps
Matt Hamilton

Matt is a Principal Developer Advocate with Protocol Labs. He is currently working on helping developers better understand IPFS, Filecoin and the Filecoin Ethereum Virtual Machine (FEVM). Matt works by the motto “lift as you climb” and is often found live-coding projects on Twitch. Before joining Protocol Labs, Matt worked as a Developer Advocate at IBM working on machine learning and AI, and was the Director of Developer Advocacy at Ripple. He has been developing on the XRP Ledger for the past five years, and is a vocal advocate in the XRP Ledger community. Matt lives with his family in Barbados and is often found paddleboarding in the Caribbean Sea with his dogs.

  • Dude, Where's My Data? Data Wallets to the Rescue
Nalin B

Nalin is building a stable coin payments app on Ethereum and is one of the authors of EIP-7212 (P256 precompile on Ethereum) and implemented an open-source Solidity P256 verifier.

  • Address and payment request standards
Nichanan Kesonpat

Nichanan Kesonpat is a research analyst at 1kx, where she focuses on wallet infrastructure and developer tooling markets. To date, her research work expands across DAO tooling, NFT finance, creator economy, wallets, and decentralized identity. Prior to 1kx, she worked as a smart contract engineer at Upstate Interactive (acq. DCG Foundry) and Mochi.game. Her research can be found at https://medium.com/@nichanank

Twitter: @nichanank

  • The Path to Interoperability for Embedded Wallets
Pablo Sabbatella

Blockchain & Cybersecurity researcher. Main interests: Economics, Ethereum, DeFi & Operational Security.
Currently: Head of security research @ Blockfence.
DefyEducation founder & Ethereum Argentina organizer.
I also write a lot about security in the ecosystem in my X account https://twitter.com/PabloSabbatella and provide security audits form crypto project teams

  • Unmasking the Connections: The Power and Necessity of Web3 Mapping
Parsa Attari

I graduated from UC Berkeley and have had the priviledge to work at companies such as Brex, Segment and Workday. I am currently the co-founder at Portal Labs, a San Francisco based wallet infrastructure provider.

  • MPC + AA The Unexpected Dynamic Duo

I'm a researcher and investor of SevenX Ventures, from this year I've done much research and talks about account abstraction, wallet, and so on. And we also actively help and invest in projects like Zerion, Rabby, Blocto, StackUp, and so on.

For the research part, I'm familiar with all stacks related to protocol level- transaction and validity rules, to stack and interfaces. Previous research:
- Modular Account Abstraction: https://medium.com/@poporuii/modular-smart-contract-account-architectures-and-challenges-2e26f07e4869
- 4337: https://medium.com/@poporuii/should-we-bullish-on-account-abstraction-aa-and-how-to-evaluate-erc4337-5f15e30507e

  • Passkey: Bridging Ultimate Experience to Web3
Shahriar Javidi

Shahriar is a junior blockchain security engineer @ Chainsecurity, an auditor of High-TVL projects, and has participated in the development of multiple tools for the ETH ecosystem. He joined Chainsecurity in August 2022.

  • Deployment Validation Files : Ensuring the Sanity of Deployed Smart Contracts
Stani Kulechov

Stani Kulechov is the founder and CEO of Aave Companies. He is a recognized pioneer in decentralized finance, web3 social and blockchain technologies. An avid software programmer in his youth, he was driven by a passion to expand access to financial tools. While studying law and smart contracts, he built the Aave Protocol – an open-source, non-custodial liquidity protocol. With over $7B in total value locked, Aave is now one of the world’s largest and most successful decentralized markets. Under Stani’s leadership, the Company has continued to spearhead innovation in DeFi, including state-of-the-art upgrades to the protocol, and building the Aave-native, overcollateralized stablecoin GHO.

As a problem solver with a deep understanding of blockchain technologies, Stani has built additional solutions that address the imbalance of power, control and monetization that social media platforms enjoy today. Believing that social connection is important, he drove creation of the Lens Protocol, the social layer for web3 that is based on the principle of user ownership, control and portability. Lens offers a host of modular, blockchain-enabled primitives and scaling solutions that can be integrated into any web application. Stani resides in London, where the Company is based.

  • The Future of Wallets
Thibaut Sardan

Thibaut is a software engineer passionate about web3, privacy, and.. good UX! Yes, there's still a long way to go to make web3 easy to use, but Thibaut likes challenges! He has worked at Parity since the Ethereum days and participated in launching Kusama and Polkadot. He has then joined forced with Chainsafe Systems for about 3 years to build ecosystem tools and help make Polkadot more accessible.

  • How does account abstraction look like on Polkadot
Uliana Skladchikova

Product lead @ Blockscout
• Focused on user experience and design, user-centred approach to software
• 8 years of leading consumer and b2b desktop, mobile, web and VR products
• 15+ years in various roles at software companies, engineering background

  • The Coming Evolution of Blockchain Explorers and Wallets