Applying Atomic Design Principles to Modular Wallet Development
11-17, 14:00–14:30 (Europe/Istanbul), Conference Room 1

While numerous wallet development tools offer various features and design options, this lightning talk explores the application of Atomic Design concepts, such as atoms, molecules, and organisms, in building wallet interfaces that elevate composability to a new level of modular wallet development.

Atomic Design, by Brad Frost, provides a framework for user interfaces as thoughtful hierarchies. This talk explores the framework, and how to apply the concepts of atoms, molecules, and organisms to create highly scalable, composable and beautiful wallet interfaces using Storybook.

Harish Raisinghani is the Head of Developer Relations at Covalent, where his focus is on empowering an army of developers, analysts and 'data nerds' to build using the richest and most robust data infrastructure for the entire blockchain ecosystem. Harish loves to teach, learn & mentor, and having worked in the emerging tech sector for the past 10 years, he helps guide startups with a holistic approach to customer success. Harish is always looking to connect with developers with big ideas so reach out to him on Discord.