Fostering Inclusive Web3 Wallet Design
11-17, 18:00–18:30 (Europe/Istanbul), Conference Room 2

As web3 wallet adoption grows, how can we ensure underserved communities don't get left behind? I want to propose a group discussion, where we identify challenges diverse users face in accessing web3 wallets and explore ways we can make experiences more equitable.

We can collectively map out key barriers like device access, internet connectivity, identity requirements, and more. Then discuss potential solutions - both technical and social - to overcome those barriers.

Questions to think about:
- If we designed wallets specifically for underserved communities, what features or workflows would be most critical?

  • How can we build culturally-relevant educational resources and training around wallets for minority groups?

  • What partnerships within local communities could help drive inclusive wallet adoption? How can we collaborate?

  • How might blockchain tools like DIDs support more equitable access to web3 wallets?

  • What are the biggest blindspots we have in designing for diverse users? How can we expand our perspectives?

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Former life: Graphic Designer in Marketing

Current life: UX and Product Designer with an interest in how wallets, identity, and self sovereignty contributes to the mass adoption of blockchain technology & society.