Speculative design for reverse-engineering your wallet’s reputation
11-17, 14:30–15:00 (Europe/Istanbul), Beyazit Main Stage

In today's crowded digital wallet landscape, potential adopters face an arduous choice of what wallet to take a look at, then, download or sign up, and hopefully, keep using again and again. As tech features and user experience define user retention, this is a product reputation that facilitates the “test drive”, or even a decision to stay on the product website longer or close the tab right away.

As with any other complex system, reputation can be reverse-engineered. When combined with speculative design techniques, these reverse-engineering results can give momentum to any new digital wallet — big or small, well-developed or buggy-alpha one— a chance to be considered along with widely used wallets. The only question: how fair is such reverse engineering?

Ira is a designer and a creative director based in Berlin. Over the past year, she led design at Protocol Labs, helping Web3 founders win hearts and minds of early adopters through the power of aesthetics and emotion-driven design.

More about her focus and contribution at nezhynska.com