Working definitions for emerging web3 standards.
11-17, 10:30–10:45 (Europe/Istanbul), Beyazit Main Stage

Proposals for standard definitions of concepts such as: account abstraction, intents, wallet as a service.
In order for us to do good work creating standards it helps to be on the same page about the things we're discussing.

Go through some common concepts with proposed definitions for terms and take live feedback to work on improving the defintions. The focus should be for wallet, protocol and application developers to be able to speak the same language by the end of the workshop across 3-5 (timing dependent) upcoming features.

Jenny is the co-founder of exonumia, a product strategy firm focused on early stage decentralized networks. Jenny has previously worked at Microsoft, Metamask, Dapphub, and Aave and enjoys coordination tools and the communities that form around them.