How does account abstraction look like on Polkadot
11-17, 17:30–18:00 (Europe/Istanbul), Conference Room 1

It's always interesting to see what other ecosystem have. Polkadot bakes in native multisig and a bunch of other tools close to what AA on Ethereum is pushing for.

We will dig into the comparison between the Ethereum and the Polkadot world. Understand the strength and weaknesses of both and hopefully get out aware about what's going on outside of our bubble.

Thibaut is a software engineer passionate about web3, privacy, and.. good UX! Yes, there's still a long way to go to make web3 easy to use, but Thibaut likes challenges! He has worked at Parity since the Ethereum days and participated in launching Kusama and Polkadot. He has then joined forced with Chainsafe Systems for about 3 years to build ecosystem tools and help make Polkadot more accessible.