Passkey: Bridging Ultimate Experience to Web3
11-17, 17:00–17:30 (Europe/Istanbul), Conference Room 2

Our authentication method evolve from what we know(password, security question), what we have(SMS, social account) to who we are(bio-metric, faceID, fingerprint). This passwordless wave could also bring web3 the best user experience as possible. This panel we talk about the good, bad and the ugly of passkey and the web3 solutions.


I'm a researcher and investor of SevenX Ventures, from this year I've done much research and talks about account abstraction, wallet, and so on. And we also actively help and invest in projects like Zerion, Rabby, Blocto, StackUp, and so on.

For the research part, I'm familiar with all stacks related to protocol level- transaction and validity rules, to stack and interfaces. Previous research:
- Modular Account Abstraction: https://medium.com/@poporuii/modular-smart-contract-account-architectures-and-challenges-2e26f07e4869
- 4337: https://medium.com/@poporuii/should-we-bullish-on-account-abstraction-aa-and-how-to-evaluate-erc4337-5f15e30507e