CAIP-222 - Improving UX for Wallet authentication
11-17, 18:00–18:30 (Europe/Istanbul), Beyazit Main Stage

The new CAIP-222 standard provides a simpler user experience by bundling two wallet requests ("connect wallet" and "sign in with ethereum/solana/etc") into a single method. This one-click flow can thus provide wallet authentication and even Authorization via ReCaps or UCANs when exposing blockchain accounts and returning a cryptographic signature. Cali will give a brief overview of the interface and then workshop use-cases with attendees.

Prior this standard Wallets were required to establish a JSON-RPC connection with an application (Dapp) to expose blockchain accounts but this required a secondary request to verify ownership of each account to return a cryptographic signature.

There are challenges regarding the flexibility of what can be signed or not without prior knowledge of the blockchain accounts but with the adoption of standards like SIWx aka CAIP-122 we have the ability to define specific parameters that can be signed securely without the accounts being exposed beforehand.

This will accelerate wallet adoption by social media applications which do not require persistent sessions and only need a single cryptographic signature to verify ownership of blockchain accounts.

See also: Slides (1.0 MB)

Cali is a Software Engineer at WalletConnect, originally from Belgium, specializing in authentication and authorization. He is passionate about DIDs, SIWE and SIWx. Before moving into the web3 tooling space, he specialized in web2 identity standards such as OAuth, SAML and OpenID Connect.