hello Mempool; pushBoundaries, invokeRollAMate
11-17, 12:00–12:15 (Europe/Istanbul), Beyazit Main Stage

In the rapidly evolving world of blockchain technology, the mempool often remains an underexplored territory. With my projects, "Roll a Mate" and "Acid Chains", I've delved deep into this realm, seeking to harness its expansive capabilities to push the boundaries of the Ethereum Mainnet and other EVM-based chains.

During this talk, we'll journey into the core functionalities and innovations behind these projects, all of which revolve around the strategic leveraging of the mempool. As we'll see, the mempool's vast and, often overlooked, capabilities can play a pivotal role in enhancing blockchain scalability, user experience, and transaction efficiency.

By understanding and optimizing for the mempool, we open doors to new possibilities and solutions that can pave the way for the next phase of blockchain mass adoption. Join me in exploring how a mempool-optimized wallet can be a game-changer for the decentralized world.

I am an inventor, life hacker, and an ardent web3 builder. Over the past eight months, I have made significant contributions to the blockchain space through various projects. I have extensive experience in cryptography, software architecture, and have been a developer since 1996.

I enjoy solving challenging problems and learning new skills, such as mixology, climbing, mountain biking, and others not related to technology.

As a Web2 Dev, I have been working with JavaScript for nearly six years as a full-stack. I have experience using frameworks such as ReactJS and NextJS for frontend development, and for backend development, I typically work with NodeJS and ExpressJS to create RESTful APIs.
As a Web3 Developer, I have been working as a Solidity Developer for four years. I bring together my expertise in web2 development to create holistic solutions.