'Shopping Cart', The Gas Saver
11-17, 17:30–18:00 (Europe/Istanbul), Conference Room 2

Introducing the 'Shopping Cart' concept, a transformative way to streamline multiple wallet transactions. By batching non-time-sensitive transactions, we can efficiently reduce gas costs, accelerate confirmations, and enhance user interaction. Plus, imagine sharing your transaction batch on social media, offering followers a seamless way to keep up with trends. This approach champions both cost-efficiency and social inclusivity in web3 transactions.

In today's fast-paced crypto world, every transaction matters, but not every transaction is time-sensitive. Enter the 'Shopping Cart'—a revolutionary way to bundle non-immediate transactions into one. What's the beauty of this idea?

Efficiency: Say goodbye to waiting for each transaction to confirm individually. With the 'Shopping Cart', multiple transactions are processed at once, ensuring a smoother experience.

Economic Savings: As long as the bundled transactions exceed three, the gas cost is dramatically reduced. This not only saves users money but encourages more frequent, smaller transactions.

Social Sharing: Think of this as the Pinterest of transactions. Share your 'Shopping Cart' on social platforms, offering followers a click-to-follow experience. It's about creating community and inclusivity.

This concept seamlessly aligns with the core principles of web3 - transparency, user agency, and interoperability. Our vision is to integrate this open-source mechanism with various wallets, making web3 transactions more accessible and user-centric than ever before.

I'm Dawson, and my journey through the ever-evolving world of technology spans over nine years. In that time, I've dedicated six years to mastering iOS development, proudly managing apps with an impressive 8,000 DAU, all by myself. But I'm not just about app development. My three-year adventure into the realm of crypto as a hacker has equipped me with deep insights into both frontend and backend operations and has given me hands-on experience with the intricate world of smart contracts.

Currently, I'm lending my skills and passion to Blocto, a leading smart contract wallet, where I continue to innovate and challenge the norms. Beyond my hands-on work, I cherish sharing tech news, insights, and breakthroughs with peers and colleagues. I'm always up for a discussion on groundbreaking ideas, focusing on user experiences, and pondering which technologies or services would best amplify those journeys.

As I navigate the dynamic tech landscape, I pride myself on my blend of hands-on expertise and my broad understanding of the wider tech ecosystem, and I'm excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead at Blocto and beyond.