MPC + AA The Unexpected Dynamic Duo
11-17, 11:30–11:45 (Europe/Istanbul), Beyazit Main Stage

Contrary to common perceptions, Multi-Party Computation (MPC) and Account Abstraction can be seamlessly integrated to craft a robust and secure user experience, acting as a catalyst for widespread cryptocurrency adoption among non-web3 familiar audiences. In this presentation, we will underscore the significance of utilizing MPC for advanced key management, paired with smart contracts for effortless funds management, marking a pivotal stride towards mainstream cryptocurrency acceptance.

Today many people use credit cards and other financial technologies without the need to understand what is happening under the hood. Additionally, users have grown to expect a high level of security and UX from applications they use on a daily basis. We can use Multi-Party Computation to both give users the power to sign their own transaction but also build security layers such as transaction verification. Additionally, MPC inherently removes the single point of failure which protects users against phishing attacks. That combined with the UX thats gained by Account Abstraction and features such as gasless transactions, paying gas in ERC20 tokens and more creates the UX and security that the average user is expecting from daily applications.

I graduated from UC Berkeley and have had the priviledge to work at companies such as Brex, Segment and Workday. I am currently the co-founder at Portal Labs, a San Francisco based wallet infrastructure provider.