How can wallets deal with the multichain nightmare?
11-17, 16:30–17:00 (Europe/Istanbul), Beyazit Main Stage

Multichain token transfers are broken. Keystore contracts are one way of solving the identity problem of token transfers in a multichain environment. We propose an alternative solution that relies on offchain messages; it is more user-friendly and does not require the middleware stack or wallets to be rebuilt.

TLDR: Identity is hard. It’s going to get much worse in a multichain world of altchains and L2s. This sucks for wallets and their users. Currently, token transfers rely on chats where Alice and Bob exchange onchain identity information, along with chain and token preferences. This is offchain and interactive. One solution relies on storing these preferences in a keystore contract, but that requires rebuilding the entire stack, from wallet infra to RPCs. We propose an alternative solution that relies on offchain communication through links. Links make payments non-interactive: Alice pushes funds to Bob on the communication channel they already have (e.g. WhatsApp, email, meeting in meatspace). Our solution sidesteps the identity problem by using links.

Henlo! I'm the co-founder of Peanut Protocol. I am interested in intents, identity, and real-life use cases for decentralisation. Let's build this!