Intents for multi-chain low-code non-custodial DeFi wallets
11-17, 16:30–17:00 (Europe/Istanbul), Conference Room 2

Developing wallets sucks, but not as much as integrating lots of DeFi protocols!
There is a different approach which would massively simplify implementations and provide access to many more protocols directly from the wallet; imagine a multi-chain DeFi wallet in a thousand lines of code! With a composable intent marketplace it is not only possible, but IMO it's necessary for the ecosystem.

I'm proposing a generic JSON/CBOR format for negotiating intents and querying information that allows for wallets to be radically simplified.

Instead of implementing each & every protocol, token standard, chain, ABI encoding, signature scheme, DeFi product etc. directly in the wallet, we can instead create a different type of ecosystem with increased separation of concerns between composable components.

It shouldn't matter if you program in Python, TypeScript, Lisp, Forth or C# and needing to build the missing libraries from scratch - for almost everything you can ask the market to do it (usually for free).

Harry is a engineer & technical product manager at Oasis Protocol, he has a background in distributed systems, blockchain, privacy, cryptography and security. He just wants everything to be a bit simpler and more interoperable.