Address and payment request standards
11-17, 15:00–15:30 (Europe/Istanbul), Conference Room 2

If I want to be paid in tradfi, I can send my (routing number, account number). Unambiguous and works everywhere.

If I want to be paid on Ethereum, what do I send? An address is ambiguous: it's common for people to send transfers to the correct address, but on the wrong chain.

In this session, we'll discuss potential solutions.

There are a handful of proposals floating around that address this issue, but none are widely implemented yet:

  • ERC-1191: add chain ID to mixed-case address encoding
  • ERC-3770: addresses with a chain prefix
  • ERC-4804: web3 URLs
  • CAIP-10: VM+chainID prefixes for addresses

There are some more radical ideas, too. For example, here's one that I wrote about on Ethmagicians: https://ethereum-magicians.org/t/numbered-accounts/14551

I want to have an open-ended but pragmatic discussion of how we can make Ethereum accounts unambiguous for future users.

Dan Clemens is an experienced entrepreneur and engineer. He's a coauthor of the P256 precompile proposal EIP-7212 and is building an open-source stablecoin wallet.

Nalin is building a stable coin payments app on Ethereum and is one of the authors of EIP-7212 (P256 precompile on Ethereum) and implemented an open-source Solidity P256 verifier.